Making a reset in workplace risk prevention in order to achieve a Vision Zero healthy Company

Making a reset in workplace risk prevention in order to achieve a Vision Zero healthy Company

The International Foundation ORP invites you to attend its conference “Vision Zero and the Great Reset” on the 17th and 18th of March, 2021. This online event will be live and free of charge for participants.
22 February 2021

“The time has arrived for the prevention culture community to consider what contribution can be made to ensure the human dimension of this new social contract”, explains Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, ORP President and Official Vision Zero Ambassador (

The line-up of speakers in this program includes world leaders from a variety of sectors:

Government, university, research and business. The agenda will focus on the unique power of prevention in creating sustainable commercial value based on the four pillars recognized by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Company changes from a health perspective

The mind-set of initiatives such as 5Z stems from a perspective based on the elimination of work-related accidents, harm and diseases by honing in on and eliminating the source. The result, a healthy company.

The objective is to create a healthy and sustainable business value, with case studies which demonstrate its efficiency.

New integrated management

“The comprehensive management of health and safety in the workplace using platforms such as Sabentis Prime is a technological milestone which brings about results that were unheard of in the not too distant past. Nowadays, Vision Zero is more possible than ever. But it requires an innovative change on a global scale to implement work practices where wellbeing is embraced as both the starting point and the final goal”, according to the International Foundation ORP.

Register free of charge at to log onto the platform where the congress will be broadcast.

The broadcast is in English with simultaneous translation in Spanish

La emisión es en inglés con traducción simultánea en español 

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