ORP International Award 2015

ORP International Award 2015

A staircase

When undertaking the task of creating the ORP award, I suddenly thought of a basic feature of our daily life and culture—something that is ever present in our daily reality: a staircase.

Is a means of access, of prevention, of safety, of attainment. The steps of a staircase help us ascend and descend; they provide us protection... Therefore I thought of a monolith that represented the building, construction, labor, and working life. The highest point acts as a negative in the form of a staircase that, upon descending, turns positive. We ascend and descend. Height. Between the two staircases there appears a sudden descent: danger.

On one of the two sides, inside a niche, a human figure appears. A place of refuge and safety that humans seek out in the face of the challenges of work and achieving our goals.

Francesc Polop, sculptor


ORP’2015 is an international conference on occupational risk prevention. As in previous years, enjoys significant international support, including American, Dutch, Finnish, Korea, Canada and Italian universities that participate in its organization, under the coordination of UPC, the Technical University of Catalonia.

The objective of ORP is to serve as an international forum for sharing information on the most recent advances in methods, tools and projects in ergonomics, safety, hygiene, occupational medicine, psychosociology, prevention management and training, and to integrate these areas within the concept of corporate social responsibility.

ORP conferences are held every two years in Spain. This year it will be held in Santiago de Chile, on November 23st, 24th, and 25th 2015. The Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) will manage the scientific aspects of the conference, and ORP Fundation.


ORP’2015 International Award 
The highest award given to a company, organization or professional operating internationally, in recognition of their contribution to the dissemination and application of occupational risk prevention principles and values.

ORP’2015 Public Acknowledgements
ORP will publically acknowledge:

“Companies” or “Professionals”
which, during the previous year, contributed outstandingly to the values of occupational risk prevention.

“Best Poster” 
presented to ORP’2015. This acknowledgement will be granted by a jury to the poster which most effectively conveys key aspects of occupational risk prevention. Posters are visual supports used to present in graphic form the main ideas and conclusions of authors research work. Posters will be displayed in one of the conference areas for public viewing and jury selection.

“Best paper” 
presented to ORP’2015. This acknowledgement will be granted to that paper that best fosters and disseminates occupational risk prevention values and practices. Papers should be written within the subject areas of the Conference. All submitted papers will be assessed by the jury, and the best one will be given the above mentioned award.

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