Nursery ORP 2014 - Zaragoza

Nursery ORP 2014 - Zaragoza

The ORPConference wants to welcome fathers and mothers providing a baby sitting service for children under 5 year old who wish to be free from their parents during the congress.

Apply for the baby sitting service (free for congress attenders), in the moment of inscription, in “Observaciones” section.

David and Guillermo will take care of your kids in the prepared area in the congress when daddy and mummy are in congress lectures.

Tirirenela is a professional group in education and entertainment area who have been carrying on a innovative Project because…

… their objectives are clear: wake up children’s skills through the game, develop their imagination, their capacity for research and experimentation, and teach them relating to others applying standards and values such as respect and affection.

And they have their own method:

- Play in an attractive space where kids can enjoy it.

- Learn, because through the game can arrive to learning and they use this natural impulse for guide the child to a positive and integral development to the socialization and inequalities remediation.

- Take part and express themself in a community environment, because shared playful activities allow the child internalize, assimilate and think about the action and their consequences. Come and meet them!

More information in: Titirinela: Bilingual Education and Children’s Entertainment Centre